Types And Qualities Of Law Firms 

lady-justice-677945_1920Injustice and fights are a part of our society and people need legal help to deal with this problem. There are disputes between people and institutions that need to be resolved according to the law of a country. For this, we need the help of lawyers or attorneys, who present our case, argue in front of the judge and fight a case on our behalf. When a group of lawyers forms an organization for practicing law and takes legal cases by representing the clients, it is called a law firm. The main role of lawyers in the organization is advising people medical-marijuana-users-can-now-be-terminated-by-their-employers-for_16001057_33279_1_14043539_500on the legal rights and fight civil cases of disputes. Apart from this, the firm fights cases of business and criminal nature.

Types Of Law Firms

There are many types of law firms functioning all over the world. The sole proprietorship law firm has a single lawyer as the owner and head, who also accounts for profit, loss and other responsibilities. The general partnership law firm is formed by a group of lawyers who collectively account for profit and loss. A professional corporation is a business company with the lawyers having stocks. The limited liability company has lawyers who don’t have direct liability to outside or external creditors. The lawyers in a limited liability partnership law firm don’t have creditor liability but they function like partners.

Types Of Legal Cases

lawfirmThe lawyers fight many types of legal cases. They take up business cases like commercial contracts, company formation, corporate laws, corporate governance and e-commerce transactions. Foreign investment, environment, immigration, insurance, labor law, electricity law, media and broadcasting, international trade, real estate and shipping are the other areas in which lawyers work. You can take help of a legal firm in cases related to information technology, intellectual property, litigation, taxation, privatization, disinvestment, oil and gas, outsourcing and mergers and acquisitions.

Business Attorneys


Business attorneys give legal advice and assistance to people who own or run a business or company. They deal with cases of investors and founders. If a businessperson runs into legal problems in the market while setting ups start-up venture, the attorney helps in coming out of the situation. They fight cases of trade secrets, security, contracts and deal with employee problems.

Local Counsel Work

The law firms can hire lawyers living in the nearby areas for local counsel work. The lawyers are hired for fighting local cases, as hiring the lawyers from faraway places can be expensive for the firm. Lawyers from another city and state are hired for this purpose. This is good for simple cases that can be solved with local attorneys. The local counsel work is inexpensive for a firm in comparison to hiring another lawyer from another area.

Qualities Of A Good Law Firm

A law firm can achieve success if it has a leader with vision and commitment for providing the best possible legal assistance to the public. He should have a complete knowledge of laws aiming to satisfy the clients. The lawyers in a law firm should have empathy for clients and listen to their woes. Instead of focusing on the fees, the lawyers should consider the best interests of people. Law firms should have specialization in fighting certain types of cases instead of focusing on general cases.